Pet Joys

Things I love:

* Being held by someone that I care a lot about that also cares a lot about me.
* Watching "Dear Frankie"
* Hugs from people that have a good touch.
* Guys with good cologne that fits them.
* Fabulous swing dancing with great leads.
* When I master something on flute.
* Alone time.
* Handel's "Messiah."
* White roses
* Almost any rose that isn't red.
* Being in the car with my brother when we're singing at the tops of our lungs.
* Finding a good dance connection.
* Finding a guy attractive (ask for the story if you want it).
* Soft, gentle kisses.
* New clothes (which I will hopefully get soon).
* A source of income (Hopefully get this soon, as well).

I'll write more later. This is just off the top of my head.

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pinetree said...

I love these lists. I need to do one of them soon.