New Roommates

Sadly, Violin Roommate moved out about two and a half weeks ago. I think that she'll go down in Cinderella History has my favorite roommate (while single) ever. It was nice to have a music major roommate who was gone at least as often (if not more so) than I was, at similar things. With both of us doing it, we didn't get so much of the "why aren't you around very much?" and "why do you always have to practice?" We're quite similar in some ways, and different in others that complimented each other. *sigh* She is definitely missed.

The new roommate in her spot is Landlord's Granddaughter (LG for short). LG, as far as I can tell, is not LDS, and her boyfriend is here much more often than not. (Yes. Take it that way.) So now, I have five roommates instead of just four, and there is a coffee pot with coffee in our house. I came home last night to the smell of coffee. In small doses, coffee can smell pretty good. Since a lot of my mom's side of the family isn't LDS and does drink coffee, the smell often reminds me of them. I don't mind walking into a Starbucks and getting a whiff while I wait for my occasional vanilla steamed milk. For some reason, though, I was bothered by smelling it when I came home from work last night. Oh well. At least I won't be living here that much longer.

Shy Roommate thinks that our landlord may be wanting to sell our house sometime soon. He's given LG a credit card solely, it seems, to buy things the house needs and to fix it up. I hear that she's planning on painting the outside of the house soon. She's purchased a vacuum cleaner and a lawn mower so far (not including the free hot tub that Orange found on craigslist). I feel bad for my roommates. This has been a pretty good house to live in, with unbelievably low rent and a great location. Oh, well. Will I miss it? I dunno. :)