The first counselor in my bishopric has a pool and a jacuzzi, and he's hosting a luau for the ward tonight. I could really, really use the jacuzzi to help loosen up my shoulders since some big bricks decided to make a permanent residence there.

HOWEVER, there are some icky guys in my ward who are, I'm sure, all about seeing "chicks" in bathing suits.

Guys, I *know* that you're guys and I *know* it's built into your system, but there's this fabulous word - RESPECT. Do you think we can't tell when you're totally turned on? I'm not talking "Hey... I admire her and think she's cute. Heck, I wouldn't even mind making out with her." You know what I'm talking about. Do you think we can't tell when you're checking us out? Hello! I'm an eye person. My eyes are up here... remember?

I know that a lot of "normal" girls don't notice...they're too worried about looking "sexy" or whether or not they've gained weight or how tan they "didn't" get. Guess what! I'm just a little more observant than that. Ick, ick and more ICK, with a capital I. I can tell where you're looking, and I'm offended.

It's much more of a compliment if we're having a good conversation and you acknowledge me when I make a good point. I don't give a d*** if you think I'm hot. If you're attracted to me, that's enough for me. I'm a person with feelings and ambitions and a life. Get it? Got it? Good.


Etelmik said...

I now worry about getting nightmares.

I'll be looking at something in the distance, and you'll just happen to move into my line of vision and I won't notice you're there, but I'll be looking not around where your eyes are, and the whole thing would be very very messy.


Guys are pretty dumb though.

Etelmik said...

Also, I would NEVER go to such an activity. Or I'd go, but only briefly, and stay inside and pass it off as insecurity with shirtlessness (contrary to what it would seem, I'm not self-conscious about shirtlessness, even if it's not a preferred fashion style for me). I think it's a bad idea. I'm not a fan of doing swimming suit ish stuff in groups, where there will be a lot of hormones. It's just problematic. I wouldn't be able to see anything because no glasses = blind Toasteroven and see above, and well...you know how the whole thing is gonna be.

The whole thing is pointless and hopeless, for me.

JB said...

I love the kinds of things you have to say! :)

Etelmik said...

Me, or her? =P