Concert Tonight!

Wind Ensemble, 7:30. Paula Crider conducting. Should be fun. Student tix are $3. Let me know if you want to come.


One word.

All I can say is, Wow.


Apollo 13

After showing some pictures of my trip to my family, my dad naturally wanted to watch Apollo 13. It's amazing how much more this movie means to me after seeing the Saturn V and Historic Mission Control in person. It's amazing that they did what they did with the technology they didn't have.

Oh. . .and if you're ever in Houston, close to NASA, go to Frenchie's. Good food. I recommend the crepes, if you're not too opposed to mushrooms.


Pet Peeve

To the freshman flute player who has come in during my lesson two weeks in a row:

Strep is contagious. So is the flu. Please, just call Susan and let her know you can't come to flute choir. I'm flying to Houston in a day and a half. I'd really like to NOT get the flu before then.

Yeah...it drives me crazy when people come to school when they're really sick. Especially as music majors. We can't afford to get sick, either!

To all freshmen out there: Going to bed at decent hours is a good thing. Trust me.

I've Got the World on a String

Amusingly, the opinion request was about the new blog format. I got bored with it, switched to beta (thanks, Bawb!) and decided to mess around with it.

Thanks, JB and Eleka.*

LB: I can understand your frustrations with women not taking compliments. My roommates (bless their hearts) have a difficult time with that, too. Especially Shy and Violin. Great girls, but all they can see are their own shortcomings and weaknesses.

Maybe I should write a post sometime on "Why It Seems Women Have A Difficult Time Accepting Compliments." :)

Maybe if guys (in general) were more prone to giving no-strings-attached-compliments more often (like, a LOT more often), girls (in general) would get used to them and would be more ready and willing to accept them? I think sometimes that the rarity of compliments makes for a bit of paranoia. Any guy says anything complimentary (especially a stranger), and our inclination is to wonder, "What does he want from me?"

The non-creepy older (50+) guys at my work are so sweet. This morning, I got "Hey, beautiful, thanks for bringing those books up." Last week, from a different one, I got "I just love your green eyes." They're really nice, and very appropriate. They're excited for me that I get to go out to Houston this weekend. They're my friends. I've had to make myself chill out and say, "They're just being nice, Cinderella. They don't want anything from you." Maybe it's a generational thing. Maybe it's not. The Franchise is really great at being complimentary. :)

*I must admit, Eleka, that I have not actually seen Pay It Forward. I had to Google it to know what you were talking about. :)

P.S. This was not meant to be a repeat of the other post, even though it kind of turned out that way anyway. Oops! :)