A Challenge

I am issuing a challenge:

Help me come up with a way to convince women (as a whole) that we are more physically beautiful than we give ourselves credit. SOOOOOO many women feel fat and "funny-looking," when they should NOT. Like Violin Roommate. I love her, but dang. That girl needs some self-confidence.

Guys, I am issuing a separate challenge in addition to helping me figure this out: The next time you see a woman of your acquaintance that you think is beautiful, I want you to tell her. It doesn't have to be "I think you're beautiful. Want to make out/go out/whatever?" I don't think it matters if you have a SO or not. Do it in a non-creepy way, with no strings attached, and just let her know that you think she is beautiful. Even better. . . say it to the next five women. Or even better. . . tell three different women every day. I cannot fully express the impact this could have on the women you know. And if I had to guess, if there are other guys around when you do this, maybe they'll pick up on it, too. Maybe they'll go home and tell their wives they think they're beautiful. The world would be a much better place - and trust me, guys, you'll reap the benefits - if every woman knew how beautiful she is.

*Edit: I changed half of the grammar, but not the other half. How funny. :D

Amusing Card

I saw this card, and laughed:

"Reasons at Halloween why pumpkins are better than men:"

* They're always there on the front porch waiting for you.
* No matter what mood you're in, they always greet you with a big smile!
* Every year, a whole new crop to choose from.
* One makes a better pie.
* If you don't like his looks, you can just carve him a new face.
* If he starts smelling up the place, you can always just toss him in the street.
* Squash is a source of beta-carotene, and that's good for you.
* You know a pumpkin has an empty, mush-filled head from the get go.

And opening the card. . .

*A pumpkin's turned on only when you want him to be.



My head is back to normal. . . sort of.

The spinning has stopped (at least temporarily), but I am getting a cold. Thus why I cannot say that my head is completely back to normal.

To the girl walking down the stairs from textbooks in a skirt that is way too short: "Do you have any idea why that's probably a Pretty Bad Idea?" I find myself getting irritated with women who are dressed inappropriately. "Do you have any idea what this does to the men around you?"

Today's rehearsal was awesome. It was the first rehearsal I think I've been excited for yet, and the time went by SO fast. The concert's going to be pretty cool.

Is Fall Break here yet?

How about now?



*Head starting to spin.*

I just got an e-mail from my mom that is kind of unsettling. I just got a whole lot more to think about.



I am not happy with my body right now.

It won't go to sleep, it feels weird, and I have class in 6.5 hours. There's also a really loud cricket right outside my window, and it's driving me crazy. Rrr.

It's been a rough couple of weeks. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should keep Job2. I have some large-ish purchases coming up, and I don't like the feeling of scraping by. On the other hand, in the non-financial world of my life, it's quite detrimental. I don' t have enough time to practice or focus on the other areas of my life that need my attention.

I am tired of school. I'm just ready to be done and move into a different phase of my life. Plus, this is just a weird semester for the School of Music. It is just... not good. Morale in Wind Ensemble is low. There are just a lot of weird things going on. I don't know. I'm kind of ready for a change. Music is a big part of me, it's true, but there is so much out there. Physical therapy sounds interesting. Lots of things sound interesting. Having a "real" job sounds interesting. Being out of Utah sounds interesting. Going on a mission...does not sound interesting. :)

Bah, humbug.

(I really am doing quite well, though. If my body would behave a little better, it would make my life that much happier.)


Concert Dates

Wind Ensemble:
Sept. 27th (Conducted by Craig Jessop)
The pieces I'm excited for: Ghost Train (Eric Whitacre), Candide (Leonard Bernstein) and an Alfred Reed piece that I can't remember the title of. It's latino-esque.
Oct. 30th
Dec. 1st

Flute Choir:
Oct. 12
Nov. 17
Dec. 3 (Yes, a Sunday.)

Symphony Orchestra
Nov. 1 (Not going to be fantastic, but we are playing Beethoven's 6th Symphony. I like it. :) )

If anyone actually wants to come and needs more detailed info, let me know.

Overdue Topic Number One: Ensembles.

Okay. Here goes some catching up.

First, some background. The World of Music is not a kind one. At all. Especially in Utah. To *really* get anywhere, one has to be willing to devote as much time as possible to one's instrument, and if one's soul is available, it helps to sell that, too. I refuse to do both. However, I had *somehow* (insert eye roll here) managed to convince myself that since I had worked really hard last year and had played the most over this last summer than I ever have any other summer combined, that I'd have "a shot" at things and that I'd be in the "club."

I was wrong.

On the second day of school, while on a short break at Job1, I literally ran down to the music building to check the list. I looked at the Philharmonic (top orchestra) list first. All I wanted was second chair. Nothing. A* (who's graduating this year) is principal (which I'm ok with), and L* is 2nd chair, with C* as piccolo. L* is a freshman who has been taking lessons from my teacher for the last eight years. Hmm. Okay, fine. Principal in Symphony Orchestra (night orchestra)? Nope. Not even in that. At all. Huh. 0 for 2. Okay, Wind Ensemble. At least I've moved up a couple of chairs, right? Nope. Last chair. Again.

Let's just say that I was pretty disappointed. LJ, who was 2nd chair in Wind Ensemble and principal in night orchestra was bumped to 4th chair in Wind Ensemble. She was supposed to be principal again in night orchestra, but couldn't fit it in her schedule, so now I am. It's fun, I guess. The 2nd chair in Wind Ensemble? M*, the other freshman who has also taken lessons from my teacher for the last eight years. Huh. C* is 1st chair of second flute, then LJ, then me. L*, the 2nd chair flute in Phil is also picc in Wind Ensemble. Hmm.

Ah, well. I was pretty upset that day. However, over the last few weeks, I've come to see that it is a Really Good Thing that auditions turned out how they did. It's actually given me so much more freedom than I could have expected. I think it's going to be a really great thing.


It's funny.

I have three things I want to blog about now, but every time I find some time to sit down and do it, I either forget what they were, or I don't feel like it.

Hopefully I'll get around to them soon.