Alright, folks, I need to explain something...

I would imagine that a healthy percentage of the people that read this blog know me in person. I also guess that you may be somewhat bewildered by the majority of my posts being written in a very bitter voice. "This doesn't sound at all like Cinderella," you might think.

Well, it's not. I've come to realize that I use this blog as a way to get the yucky stuff out of my system. I type faster than I write, so it's a lot faster to get the so-called "poison" out so that I can heal more quickly. I also don't feel so inclined to write on my blog when I'm feeling content with life, so I'll be trying to do that a bit more. Never you fear, you'll have your regular Cinderella back. :)

I went to see Beauty and the Beast at Hale Center Theatre Orem tonight. It was fanTASTIC. It was only a preview (final dress rehearsal) night, but it was great. It's going to be a good show. My brother's in it. He plays the knife. If you get a chance, I highly recommend it. Get tickets soon, because it will sell out FAST. The choreography's great, the costumes are amazing, and the people are incredible. They stay very, very true to everything, but they have their own twist. I get to go see it at least two more times, and I'm excited to see how the show progresses.

Man, I LOVE theatre. I wish I could do more of it. I'd love to do Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theatre West Valley, but I think it would be too much for Christmas time. I'll probably have to wait until I'm no longer in school before I do that so I'm not worrying about concerts and finals and juries and stuff like that. I dunno....I really want to be in HCTWV's production of Beauty and the Beast next year, so maybe I'll audition just to get my name and face out there. We'll have to see. HCTWV will also be doing Crazy For You, which is one of my favorite shows ever.

Well, I'm sort of going to bed. I feel better about posting a happy blog. :)

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Etelmik said...

People use blog's for different purposes. You can do whatever you want.

Of course, as you're kind of implying, having a blog be only grumpy time means people won't always read it, because they will know what to expect and always know when they do or don't want to read it.

But if mixed up, then people don't mind as much with the grumpy stuff. Not that I was minding, because I know you're not always grumpy...