First Day Of School

Just for kicks, I'm going to use a different font.

First day of school went something like this:

Class, class, check the list, make a couple of phone calls. Class. Check the list again. Still nothing. Walk home, eat some food, walk to Job1. Deal with magazines for the first time on my own while dealing with 3 billion people walking through the store. 2.99 billion of those people asked, "Where are the textbooks?" Ran back, got flute, check list, nothing, realized that I don't actually have rehearsal until Friday. Walked home.

"Make up auditions" are today from 2-4, and they're auditioning more winds. I'll definitely know by tomorrow.

I'm trying to NOT fall asleep, because then I won't be tired tonight. That would be bad. I need to get myself on a good sleep schedule. I should go up to school and practice, but I don't want to. Well, I should probably do something besides continuing to ramble.

I also need a haircut.


Complete at last, perhaps.

Tomorrow, Violin Roommate will be moving in. I'm really excited. More on her later.

There will be five of us living here again: Me, Shy Roommate, Negatively Orange Roommate, Sporty Spice Roommate (She's not British, but it fits her...) and Violin Roommate.

Negatively Orange has been driving me a little crazy of late, and she'll come whining to me that "the internet is broken" in a couple of days.

Sporty Spice could be a lot cooler than I'd originally anticipated. I was intimidated by her sense of fashion and seeming to be "too cool." I actually kind of had a real conversation with her today. It was nice. Should I ever have questions on clothing or makeup (ya know...that girly stuff that I sorta have time for), she'll be invaluable. Hmmm....

Shy is that...shy. She's also really, really funny if/when she gets comfortable with people. She is so awesome, but is afraid of her awesomeness and her attractiveness to men. If she *really* understood those two things, she'd be able to turn just about any guy to putty. Seriously.

I'm SO excited for Violin to move in. Our families have known each other for a long time. It'll be really nice, I think, to have a fellow music major (but not competition) in the house. She's so sweet. We'll be able to go to concerts together, and just talk. I have the feeling that we're going to become really great friends. She plays the violin divinely. I don't have enough good things to say about that girl. She's also pretty fashion-savvy, from what I can tell.

School starts on Wednesday. I'm pretty excited, but a little nervous. I want to know what ensemble(s) I'm in this year. At the same time, though, it still doesn't feel like it's time for school. This summer (or was it just this month?) flew by. Other aspects....didn't. :)

The Lord definitely moves in mysterious ways.


Random Thoughts

Marshmallow Mateys are great at 12:20 am.

I am 22.5 years old today. Okay, well, yesterday (if you're going to be technical).

With Job2, and "getting" to go to wedding receptions of more or less close friends and bridal showers of close friends, I've decided there is too much...fluff in the world. I think the world would be a sadder place if it were completely devoid of fluff, but too much is like eating too much sugar without enough real food. : P

Going to said bridal shower reaffirmed that I only go to bridal showers of really, really, really good friends. Women are great. They are. I have started to click in to why it's important to have Relief Society around, believe it or not. Even with the realization that Relief Society can be pretty great, that is still only one hour per week with that volume of women. I'm really not used to more than that. The bridal shower was fairly overwhelming. This can easily launch into a discussion of "Why Cinderella is feminine, but not 'girly.'"

P.S. If I choose to not go to your bridal shower, it does not necessarily mean that I don't consider you to be a good friend.

There was, in fact, a sunset tonight. It was a gorgeous one. I had a great view, too, being on the 9th floor. *sigh*




In organizing my room today, I've decided that I need to acquire more guy-type movies.


Boys at BYU

After our event last night at Job2, "Jenni" was talking about her freshman boys that she had liked her first year at the Y and how they were all either gone or leaving on missions, and "I just don't know what I'm going to do about the RMs."

Jenni is probably 5'8" or 9" (I'm bad at guessing height), is thin, has long legs, long curly hair, gorgeous eyes and a darling smile. She's gorgeous. She's also really nice. And 19. After mentioning that I had gone to BYU for two years before transferring, and that I had something of a theory on dating down there, she perked up and started asking me lots of questions. So, I imparted what I'd noticed and tried to piece together. I'm going to be making some pretty broad generalizations here, so don't be too offended if you don't fit. Most of the people reading my blog probably don't, anyway.

***Guys can stop reading here.***

I've noticed that guys tend to be 50% chicken and 50% very, very cocky. They also like being in charge. They also often act like kids in a candy shop, since there are so many attractive girls around. They like knowing whether or not a girl is interested.

While I was there, I was not great at masking if I was interested in a guy or not. I kept hearing a lot of advice to women: "Men are not-so-smart and quite oblivious. If you like a guy, let him know!!" In case anyone's wondering, this does not work. It seems to threaten the guy's masculinity, and more importantly, strips the "chase" aspect of things. All of a sudden, the guy no longer needs to "waste" time on you, because he already knows you like him. You may have become part of his "harem." (I'm also pretty convinced that if a guy has at least half a brain, half a sense of drive, is relatively good looking and at least a little talented, he will have no less than five women following him around.) The 50% chicken comes in when he "knows" (or thinks he knows) that you're not interested at all. Instead of pursuing to find out, he'll jump ship. (This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as there are plenty of men who can't take a hint.)

Also, during my time there, I really did not have a firm sense of self. Like, really really did not have a firm sense of self. So, if I heard my latest crush talking about something that he preferred or didn't like or whatever, I would take that to heart and adapt as immediately as I could. I still do this to a smaller degree. However, what I didn't realize is that a lot of guys like it when you challenge them on things. They like it when you have your own opinions about things, and reasons why. I think guys were subconsciously picking up on my willingness to become what I thought they wanted me to be. Girls, don't do this. I'm pretty sure they also picked up on my subconscious "Dang, I'd realllllly like to be in A relationship."

Another part of the 50% chicken is that you can flirt like MAD with most guys in Provo, and they will not ask you out. (It was really odd when I moved. I could have a great conversation, sparkage and all, and guys would actually *gasp* ask for my phone number! Can you imagine? Not only that, they'd actually CALL! It was amazing.)

So, since I didn't have to worry about actually being asked out, I decided to test my hypothesis. Next time I was around a guy, I would give 50% "I'm TOTALLY into you" vibes and 50% "Ehh....I'm not so sure" vibes. On a more personal note, I had also done a lot of soul-searching, and had gained a much much firmer sense of self. I also told my subconscious to change its opinion. My conscious and subconscious were on the same page: "My life is just fine without you. Why would I need you around, anyway?" (Just giving off that vibe does wonders. )

Voila! It was amazing. The poor soul couldn't tell if I was interested or not. I'd definitely piqued his curiosity, but he wasn't gutsy enough to do anything about it. (In all honesty, I can't even remember who it was. I just remembered the reaction.) I was surprised and pleased with the results, and decided to keep trying it out. It kept working.

Since discovering this and putting it to use, I have not lacked for male friends or interests. Yes, it even works on non-BYU guys. Thankfully, I don't need to employ this anymore. I do still need to be careful, though, as I'm told that I'm flirtatious even when I'm not trying.

Anyway, the conversation with Jenni ended something like this:

Jenni: "Okay, that's awesome, and I understand all of that, but now what I'm concerned with is how do I get the date in the first place?"

Me: "Trust me, hon. You won't need to worry about that."

Maybe she will. She is, after all, nice.