Being Cornered

*** Warning: More Venting. Please do take the general vibe into consideration. (And there are exceptions. You know who you are. )***

If I could have a wish, it would be that I not be asked about wedding stuffs anymore. I'd be content to start with not having anyone ask anything related to "So, Cinderella, how are wedding plans?" for a whole 24 hours. Then maybe the next goal would be 48 hours, and so on. Maybe people would forget about it completely.

Yes, I do understand that people are excited for me and want to share in the happiness and joy. That's great. I feel loved. I really do. By the time that I rotate through everyone that I see on a more or less frequent basis, and everyone wants to check up, it feels like I'm being asked all the time by everyone. Am I overreacting? Probably. It's so annoying, though. Then I feel bad for being annoyed, when all people are wanting is to be nice and helpful. Can you tell I'm green? :)

And oddly enough, it's SO much less threatening when it's online than in person. In person, the person is standing there, waiting for an answer. I have social norms to uphold. Online, I can take my sweet time. I don't have to answer right away. There's so much less pressure, and I have a moment or two extra to word things exactly the way I want to.

I don't hate you. Please don't hate me.

Right now, there's not a date. When there is, I'll let you know.

Caffeine and Venting

Okay, friends. I made the mistake tonight of drinking caffeine later than I should have and watching 24. So, here I am.

Before I start, this is a vent post. This means that the things I am venting about are not meant to offend those who may still read this every once in a while. If the things I'm about to discuss describe you perfectly, I probably don't actually hate you. So please don't hate me. They just need to be removed from the system, you know?


Wedding stuff is not something I enjoy. As I just mentioned, I'm getting married. Contrary to the way things commonly seem to be, I do NOT look forward to planning "my wedding." I don't care about chair covers. Or sashes. Or flimsy chairs that "look elegant." Does it all look elegant? Yes. Can they make a room look fabulous? Absolutely. But have you even thought about what it takes the servers to put them up and take them down? It takes a LONG TIME. And will that much extra money make your marriage that much better? What about my student loans? What about my car payment? What if I'd like to have a couch to sit on or a table to eat dinner on?

I don't care about color coordination. I'm not going to be offended if anyone wears a particular color to my event. I find black to be an elegant color. (My cousin thinks it's bad luck for people to wear black to a wedding.) To my bridesmaids: You will not exist. Since you don't exist, I won't be buying you dresses, corsages, makeovers, haircuts or nail jobs. Or presents. Often, the colors that people pick don't look that great anyway, clash with the room, and will be out of style in six months. YES. Six months. Unless you pick like, red & black. Or navy blue and black.

As far as the wedding day goes, do not expect it to be perfect. It's not possible for it to be 100% perfect. If you think it will be, you are wrong. If everything goes perfectly for the ceremony and the dress and the flowers, something will happen with the cake. If it doesn't, something will happen with the dinner (like the servers might bring out the wrong dressing. Or spill cranberry juice on your wedding gown). They won't mean to do it. It'll just happen. Or 10 guests will all say that they're allergic to shellfish when you order a dinner entree for the party that has a seafood sauce. They'll say that whether they actually ARE, or whether they're too picky to just remove the offending chunks of the sauce. Then it'll slow down the serving staff, but you'll be tempted to be mad at them anyway, even though they're trying their best. It's not like they're sitting back in the back, thinking it'd be funny if they just ignored you.

I just don't care. It's too much energy. It's too much work. And I'll just end up offending people that I care about that do care about stuff like that. But when I see it all the time, it just gets really old really quickly. No, I do not care about being a "Princess for the Day." No, it's not "My Day." No, I have not been planning my wedding day since age 12. And no, I will not be hiring someone to sing "Sunrise, Sunset" during any part of my "event."

{End Rant....for now}

Oh, By The Way...

I imagine most of you know by now that I am engaged. We don't have a date yet. Yes, I'm okay with that.