Friday, May 23, 2008

I can't believe it's the 23rd already. I graduated three weeks ago (and managed to get Bs in the two classes I thought I was going to fail), and my brother comes home a week from tonight. We get to go to Disneyland in not too long, which I am really excited about. My family has relegated the planning of the trip to me, which is really fun. It's definitely a more constructive way to harness my super-excited energy.

Being out of school is GREAT. I love not going to class every day and dealing with my professors. I love being able to basically do what I want when I get home, without having the guilt of knowing that I should be practicing or doing homework.

Recently at work, I thought there would be a good opportunity to move up and get a full-time job, so that I could get a bit of experience before going to grad school. Unfortunately, the opportunity that opened up is not one that I'm interested in, so I need to dive back into my resume and get that going again. I know there's something for me out there, but I need to be patient (which is not something I'm good at) and trust that things will work out.

At least I can say that I'm married to one of the greatest guys ever.


As of Monday, May 5th:

* I did get the iPod Touch. It's fun.

* I have unofficially graduated. I say unofficially because I went through the requisite ceremonies and stuff, but I refuse to believe I've actually graduated until the Main TA of the Online Class gets my grade changed, and my other professors post their grades. I need to hold my diploma in my hands to be able to know for certain that I did, in fact, graduate. There have been too many weird things happening for me to feel at ease until I hold the diploma.

* I need a full time job. Preferably one that pays benefits, is 8-5, and is close to where I live. I would also appreciate not being bored to tears every day. There are a few things opening up at Work currently, but the only positions I'm currently interested in there would need to be created for me. I don't see this as likely, so I will only stay there until I find something better. And full time.

* I highly recommend the book In Defense of Food. It has almost completely changed the way I think about food. Very interesting.

* I am so glad the weather has decided to be nice.

* Now I can finally think about my brother coming home, and our family vacation in June. It's going to be awesome.

* I will be making pork chops with raspberry glaze, asparagus, and red potatoes for dinner. Cooking is fun!