Lots of thoughts

CT is leaving in less than a week for the summer. I have a lot of thoughts that shouldn't be able to coexist, but manage to anyway.

For example, I've become somewhat attached to the kid, but I think the time and distance will be good. It'd be nice if I could just know where things were going to go, but I suppose it would take a lot of the fun and excitement out of life. I have no idea how I'll respond to this. I'm pretty sure that a good chunk of how I'm feeling has to do with finals. So...when school's over and I (theoretically) have lots of time on my hands, what/who will I think of? I'm not sure what I want. I don't know what to expect. All that can be done is to let life play itself out.


Clothes. *sigh*

We're getting a family picture taken on April 19th. Mom wants us all to be in pastels. I need to have something that contrasts with my fair skin.

I've also decided that I'm going to do skirts this summer. I don't like shorts much, but I don't want to wear pants all summer - too hot. I found the shoes I want. Now the trick is finding a few outfits. I'm not sure what looks the best with what, though.

Anyone want to come with and help me?