Happy Birthday to Me.

Today is my birthday, and I'm 23 years old. It hasn't quite hit me yet. It's been an interesting birthday so far, as it comes at a time of deep reflection. So many things seem to be hanging in the balance right now, and I'm not really sure what to do with that. I've been realizing a lot lately - how critically important some things are in my life, and how drastically unimportant other things are. Sometimes it's still hard to make heads or tails of any of it.

I'm thankful that there are a few constants in my life -- places that I can always turn, no matter what. That's definitely been a source of comfort of late.

Life's interesting. It's definitely to be enjoyed, but sometimes to be gotten through as well. I guess it's a matter of balance.


1:30 am

I'm going to try to go to sleep. I'm getting up in 5 hours.

12:49 am

This is me. Still awake, even though I have class in less than seven hours.