I think it's time to not be a student employee anymore. It's a bit unfortunate, since I still have this semester. Maybe it's just time to be treated better at work.



Today was the first big snow of the season! It was so pretty. It was a little difficult to get out of our parking lot this morning, but I made it. I spent a good part of the morning taking all the Christmas music that I have, putting into iTunes, and putting it on my iPod. It was fun, and a little surprising to see how much I have. I have a feeling that this Christmas will be nice.

I got to spend some nice time with my friend at the mall today, which was nice. I didn't buy anything except business cards, but that's ok. :) Afterward I went by myself to a Christmas shop. It was kind of fun and unusual. My mom and I are not the most decorating-inclined women you've ever met. I wandered around for a while, thinking about everything, and was realizing that I don't really know what Christmas is to me. I saw lots of collections of snowmen, Santas, candy canes, ornaments, dishes, woodland creatures, Christmas trees, trains, angels, elves, wreaths, garlands, and any other thing you can think of associated with Christmas.

It definitely got me thinking about what Christmas means to me. I'm not sure yet. Maybe I've worked in retail too long, but I know that I'm not a fan of the highly commercialized-ness of it. I liked the Santa figures that are more Father Christmas than Santa. Do you know what I mean? I like Christmas cheer, and I like red and green together, especially in nature. In my neighborhood, there are trees with red berries on them, and they're so pretty!! So maybe something nature-related?