Orange, Yellow, Red, what?

No, Juicy, I'm not talking about you.

So I just realized something rather...interesting and amusing. I am a green in private or in small-ish groups, but I flip orange around and in front of large groups of people. I can flip orange, but I don't really need to be or derive enjoyment out of being the center of attention.

I have a roommate who would probably like to be orange, or is orange. I can't decide. Apparently, according to her, "everyone" in our *stake* knows who I am. (Granted, I have been involved in several stake music things, but still....) This really drives her crazy, I think, because she puts SO MUCH effort into getting to know people and becoming well-known. It drives her crazy that when people ask who she lives with and she says me, "everyone" says "Oh, yeah, Cristina..." etc. I think it drives her especially crazy that I don't *try* to do that. I'm surprised when she tells me this. It's a little exhausting to be in groups with her, because she does whatever it takes to be the center of attention, as though I'll be stealing it at any moment. In all honesty, I try to avoid big group things where she's attending. Let her have her orange spotlight. I really don't care that "everyone" knows me. I prefer small situations anyway.

I just thought it was funny. Laughing


JB said...

Obviously I don't know a LOT about the situation, but it sounds like she's jealous that you're just genuinely fun to be around. Or maybe people (other than me, of course! ;) ) love to be around you because you're confident and know who you are and what you want out of life. ?

In any case, it's sorta strange. A good orange should be able to let someone else have the spotlight. They just naturally have it most of the time. So she's trying to force herself to be orange???

Cinderella said...

I don't know what the deal is...Maybe she is jealous. I almost feel bad... but then I remember that SHE'S the one trying SO hard, and I just go with the flow. I'm having a really hard time being around her these days. Surprise, surprise, eh?

You know, I think I know less what I want out of life than I thought I did. Always interesting to start re-evaluating.....for the 3,752nd time. Gah.

JB said...

'Tina, you're awesome. You've got a good head on your shoulders and you're a sweetheart. I'm sure you'll figure out something great, you always do! ;)