Wedding Vents Since I Can't Sleep

Not that I don't appreciate it all, but why didn't you tell me that everything has strings attached?

If the dress has strings attached, guess what. I'm calling the lady, and she's going to stop the alterations and we're taking it back. We can not do the reception at the current planned location and we can move it somewhere else.

If you're worried about "making it up" or whatever, then pay her!

I can't even pick what I want without you two knocking it down! Since when did it become YOUR wedding, anyway?

Please don't think I'm not grateful. I am. Really. And I love you. Just....WHY does it have to be this complicated?




September 15th. It's a Saturday. It's also the day that I'll be marrying The Franchise. In some ways, it seems close. In some ways, it still seems like it'll never get here.

I've decided that I'm going kind of minimalist on wedding stuff. I'm not buying a wedding gown. Instead, I'm buying a really nice outfit with the money that I would have spent on a gown, only I'll be able to wear it more than just once! :)

I'm discovering that it is not easy to plan a minimalist wedding. The wedding industry is so massive and so crazy that it's difficult to know where to turn if you don't want all of the frills. Maybe I should start a support group. :)

It's nice to have a goal. It's nice to have a direction. It's nice to move on with life.