Concert Dates

Wind Ensemble:
Sept. 27th (Conducted by Craig Jessop)
The pieces I'm excited for: Ghost Train (Eric Whitacre), Candide (Leonard Bernstein) and an Alfred Reed piece that I can't remember the title of. It's latino-esque.
Oct. 30th
Dec. 1st

Flute Choir:
Oct. 12
Nov. 17
Dec. 3 (Yes, a Sunday.)

Symphony Orchestra
Nov. 1 (Not going to be fantastic, but we are playing Beethoven's 6th Symphony. I like it. :) )

If anyone actually wants to come and needs more detailed info, let me know.


Lone Barbarian said...

How much are tickets? I don't know if I can come but that might be really coo.


Trueblat said...

I've never been a big fan of Eric Whitacre. We played a couple of his things. I should look into his vocal works and see how they sound.

I must admit that one reason I never liked his music is that as a tuba player, I believe I found two notes that weren't whole notes in the pieces I played by him. I don't know Ghost Train though.

Cinderella said...

LB - Tix are $3 for students. It would be fun to have you come.

Trueblat - My like of Whitacre depends on the piece. Ghost Train is one of my favorites. The flute part's not that great, but the sound of the whole piece is cool and really does sound like a train. We played his Equus last year, and I really enjoyed that. I think it was his. Maybe it was Melillo's. Hmm.