Overdue Topic Number One: Ensembles.

Okay. Here goes some catching up.

First, some background. The World of Music is not a kind one. At all. Especially in Utah. To *really* get anywhere, one has to be willing to devote as much time as possible to one's instrument, and if one's soul is available, it helps to sell that, too. I refuse to do both. However, I had *somehow* (insert eye roll here) managed to convince myself that since I had worked really hard last year and had played the most over this last summer than I ever have any other summer combined, that I'd have "a shot" at things and that I'd be in the "club."

I was wrong.

On the second day of school, while on a short break at Job1, I literally ran down to the music building to check the list. I looked at the Philharmonic (top orchestra) list first. All I wanted was second chair. Nothing. A* (who's graduating this year) is principal (which I'm ok with), and L* is 2nd chair, with C* as piccolo. L* is a freshman who has been taking lessons from my teacher for the last eight years. Hmm. Okay, fine. Principal in Symphony Orchestra (night orchestra)? Nope. Not even in that. At all. Huh. 0 for 2. Okay, Wind Ensemble. At least I've moved up a couple of chairs, right? Nope. Last chair. Again.

Let's just say that I was pretty disappointed. LJ, who was 2nd chair in Wind Ensemble and principal in night orchestra was bumped to 4th chair in Wind Ensemble. She was supposed to be principal again in night orchestra, but couldn't fit it in her schedule, so now I am. It's fun, I guess. The 2nd chair in Wind Ensemble? M*, the other freshman who has also taken lessons from my teacher for the last eight years. Huh. C* is 1st chair of second flute, then LJ, then me. L*, the 2nd chair flute in Phil is also picc in Wind Ensemble. Hmm.

Ah, well. I was pretty upset that day. However, over the last few weeks, I've come to see that it is a Really Good Thing that auditions turned out how they did. It's actually given me so much more freedom than I could have expected. I think it's going to be a really great thing.

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Trueblat said...

Heh, my last semester, I didn't practice at all for auditions and didn't even make the concert band. Had at least four freshman in front of me. I didn't mind at all though. I enjoyed having the extra time.