I am not happy with my body right now.

It won't go to sleep, it feels weird, and I have class in 6.5 hours. There's also a really loud cricket right outside my window, and it's driving me crazy. Rrr.

It's been a rough couple of weeks. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should keep Job2. I have some large-ish purchases coming up, and I don't like the feeling of scraping by. On the other hand, in the non-financial world of my life, it's quite detrimental. I don' t have enough time to practice or focus on the other areas of my life that need my attention.

I am tired of school. I'm just ready to be done and move into a different phase of my life. Plus, this is just a weird semester for the School of Music. It is just... not good. Morale in Wind Ensemble is low. There are just a lot of weird things going on. I don't know. I'm kind of ready for a change. Music is a big part of me, it's true, but there is so much out there. Physical therapy sounds interesting. Lots of things sound interesting. Having a "real" job sounds interesting. Being out of Utah sounds interesting. Going on a mission...does not sound interesting. :)

Bah, humbug.

(I really am doing quite well, though. If my body would behave a little better, it would make my life that much happier.)

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