A Challenge

I am issuing a challenge:

Help me come up with a way to convince women (as a whole) that we are more physically beautiful than we give ourselves credit. SOOOOOO many women feel fat and "funny-looking," when they should NOT. Like Violin Roommate. I love her, but dang. That girl needs some self-confidence.

Guys, I am issuing a separate challenge in addition to helping me figure this out: The next time you see a woman of your acquaintance that you think is beautiful, I want you to tell her. It doesn't have to be "I think you're beautiful. Want to make out/go out/whatever?" I don't think it matters if you have a SO or not. Do it in a non-creepy way, with no strings attached, and just let her know that you think she is beautiful. Even better. . . say it to the next five women. Or even better. . . tell three different women every day. I cannot fully express the impact this could have on the women you know. And if I had to guess, if there are other guys around when you do this, maybe they'll pick up on it, too. Maybe they'll go home and tell their wives they think they're beautiful. The world would be a much better place - and trust me, guys, you'll reap the benefits - if every woman knew how beautiful she is.

*Edit: I changed half of the grammar, but not the other half. How funny. :D

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alishka babushka said...

and because you are doing this, i think you're beautiful and i don't even know you.