Snicker....the LAST stand

The picnic was sacked because of inclement weather, which I was very pleased about. We had ham sandwiches in the car and then saw X3. Yes, I liked it just as much the second time. Hugh Jackman is a very attractive man on many different levels. So, even though the date was boring, at least it's over, I got to watch the attractive men in X3, and it wasn't an evening gig. I still have plenty of time to practice.

I'm so tired of boring and/or awkward dates. It's just not worth it. With some people, I can talk with them for hours, and it's not nearly enough time. With other people, it's like pulling teeth to maintain a decent conversation, and I'm so grateful when the previews start. And no, I'm not impressed when you're 23 or 24 and have decided that it's finally time to get serious about school. To each their own, but sorry. Not attractive.


I think I might be allergic to lameness.


ambrosia ananas said...

Oh, sad. Glad you enjoyed the movie, at least.

Etelmik said...

Good thing we never got that serious (eyeball roll). 'Cuz psychology and I just finally made up. Finally. =P