An interesting question

Laulau posed an interesting question on her blog:

Does what matters now matter later?

I would say yes and no. For me, when there are people/things in my life that I care a lot about, I tend to *do* stuff in relation to them, which teaches me a lot, which helps me later in different situations.

For example: Guys I've dated in the past. I'm SO glad that I didn't marry my first boyfriend out of high school. I've learned things about myself and my life that I wouldn't have learned any other way. At times, I've thought, "What's the point of getting involved if it doesn't work out?" Then I think, "How do you know it won't work out until you actually give it a shot?" "Yes, but what if I get hurt again? I'm tired of it!"

I found myself thinking today that I'm afraid of *blank* and *blank*. (You may think you know what goes in the blanks, but don't be so sure. :) ) After this thought process led me lower and lower, and I started feeling crummier and crummier, a thought popped into my head that there's a scripture somewhere about Heavenly Father not giving us feelings of fear, but of peace, etc. So I started to look up 'fear,' and found a few REALLY neat scriptures that pulled me out of my 'funk.' I remembered that I need to be patient, have faith, and go forward without having fear.

So this week is going to be awesome, because I'm going to make a conscious effort to eliminate as much fear as I can.

I also had an awesome Halloween costume last night that was tons of fun, and actually made people laugh. :D And I get to hang out with my family tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday. And I get to carve a pumpkin tomorrow. And I get to go look at Brozy's house. And it's fall....YUM. And I get to apply for jobs, and contemplate the possibilities of moving down. And I get to start a new week. It's going to be GREAT! And maybe I'll start planning my theoretical trip to Disneyland next fall, because it's been a while since I've been there. Road trip, anyone? (And I'm only half kidding about that...)


ambrosia ananas said...

Hi, dear. I'm very excited that you're going to come look at the house. I would *so* love to have you for a roommate.

And a scripture I like about fear: 1 Jn. 4:18: http://scriptures.lds.org/1_jn/4/18#18

Hmmm. I can't find the other one that I like. I'll have to send it later.

JB said...

Oooh Disneyland!! You know this is their 50th anniversary, right? They're doing all kinds of extra-special stuff this year. Plus, if you do decide to go down there, I've got a lot of family in the area (and by that I mean in Anaheim proper, but a good 30 minute drive to Disneyland).

Cinderella said...

Yes, but unfortunately I have neither time nor money to go this year. :( If I go, it'll have to be next. *sigh* And I have a relative who lives in Riverside, so I'd probably stay with him. Thanks for offering your relatives, though. :)

I'm so glad you're my friends. :)

*warm fuzzies*