My brother was called yesterday at about 3 pm, he said, and requested to come to callbacks for the show. A few other people have been called. I have not. I guess there's still today, but I'm skeptical that I will receive a call. Oddly, I'm really okay with that. I think I've come to the conclusion that I probably would not be able to make it work financially, with school, and with time. There just aren't enough hours in the day. I think I'll have to wait to do a Christmas show until I'm done with school and I don't have finals, etc. I've also kind of realized that living where I do, but driving south to come dancing once a week works well for me. I love my family, and they love me, but we all seem to get along better when I'm not living here...which is fine.

Hahaha....Murphy's Law states that now that I've posted this entry, the theatre will call me and invite me to callbacks. Doubtful, but it would be funny.

One of my dear, dear friends got married yesterday. They had a beautiful reception in his backyard, and his wife looked GORGEOUS. I love his family. I'm pretty sure there was a time when his mother would have really liked us to get married, but it really is better this way. He and I were in a ballroom class my sophomore (his junior) year, and then we were on ballroom team together the following year. I adore him. I hope they're very happy. It's still weird to have friends getting married, friends getting divorced, and friends that have children. Maybe it's weird because I still feel like we're all too young for this to be happening. Most of my friends got married when they were 18 or 19. I'm 21, and don't really picture myself getting married all that soon. My roommate got married almost 2 months ago. She'll turn 29 tomorrow, if not today... and he's 36. They are so awesome together. She's a PhD student, he's doing well with his physical therapy career. Both have never been married before. I admire them a lot...but I'm not there yet.

Life is good. I'm content with where I am. I really got to strengthen my relationships with some people this weekend, which has been awesome. I hope that the strength stays there, despite the fact that the chances that I'll move down are now bleak. Yay for good friends. Yay for good, good family that help me a lot. I don't necessarily know where my path will lead me from this point, but I'm learning to trust God and go with the flow a little more...even when it might not make sense right now. I'm sure I'll look back and say, "Ohhhhhh....that's why I did X, or felt Y. It all fits together now." Faith is a cool thing that I know I don't understand, but hope to someday.

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