Happy Time

Well, the senior recital is over, and I have six weeks left of school this semester, and I'm very happy about this. In six weeks, I will graduate and be a free woman! I still have two papers to write, a midterm to listen to, finals to take and opera week to survive, but then I'll be DONE!

This semester, my goal has been to pass my classes. I don't need As. 'Cs get degrees,' right? Yes. They do.

The question I'm being asked the most frequently is, "So. What do you want to do after you graduate?" My answer: SOMETHING that is in no way related to my major. I understand that this is not a common answer. I'm okay with that. I've spent so much time working on the subject and being a student that I'm ready to drop them for now and try new things. A lot of people seem to dread going into the work force, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm excited about benefits and more money. Hopefully I'll be able to not be bored to tears, too.

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