I have decided!

I have almost officially decided that if I do a grad program, it will not be in music. Music is a great thing. I love playing the flute. I love my ensembles, but I'm sick of everything else. :) What a great hobby to have, now that I've racked up a good amount in student loans and spent 4.5 years just in college, with 1.5 to go, devoted to this marvelous hobby.


It's about joy in the journey, right?


Braden said...

What would it be in, then?

Cinderella said...

I don't really know. I just might be completely fed up with school for the time being. I have other interests, of course, but I'm not sure that I'm passionate enough about them to pay tuition for them. :)

JB said...

Couldn't you teach music? Or do a professional music ensemble?